Who Has The Best French Fries In North Phoenix?

French fries. There’s something comforting about a plate or basket of french fries, right? Now, the important question is-who has the best french fries in North Phoenix?

Someone in our Facebook Group asked that very question and we got a ton of responses, and perhaps of all the questions like this “best of” got the most variety of answers…but we still have some favorites, so here goes!

Voted Best French Fries In North Phoenix

And the winner is….. Habit Burger

I don’t think I have ever been to Habit so it is hard for me to really offer any first hand insight, but….I don’t know, can a chainy type place really have the best fries? Our voters said yes, but I think it’s important to remember of the 150 responses, probably 120 were different. So, Habit gets the prize but with a *. In a community or area like North Phoenix, I think local places, or smaller chainy places always have the best. More on that later.

2nd Best North Phoenix Fries

A super close vote that barely missed winning the grand prize, goes to….. Portillos. They are a chain but primarily based out of Illinois, and they have 7 Valleywide locations; and North Phoenix wise, they have a spot in Scottsdale and Glendale. So pick where you want to go, and enjoy some of their yummy fries.

I’m torn here because there food is good. I’ve had their fries but it’s been a long time. They are a chain but not what I’d consider a true chain/franchise. I’ll say, sure their fries are worth trying out in North Phoenix, so enjoy!

3rd Best North Phoenix French Fries

This wasn’t really the 3rd winner but I gotta go with some place local. That’s what our North Phoenix site and Community is all about. And the nod goes to…..SABA’s.

I have been to Saba’s many times. And what is cool here is most of the time when I think of french fries, I think hamburger. So french fries at a Mediterranean restaurant? Yes! And they are addicting and dang tasty. Plus, if you are in the mood for a tasty kebab or gyro, ya gotta get the fries with it 🙂

Sabas is located near Tatum and Bell in North Phoenix. The owner is awesome. They are local (nothing against the other winners or non local chains) but my heart will always lean to support local. Oh, and while you are there, don’t forget to try the rice.

There are some great local restaurants near Sabas in the North Phoenix area. While North Phoenix covers a lot of real estate, this area is hopping with awesome condos and homes to live in. The surrounding area has great schools, shopping, and freeway access. If you find yourself in need of wanting to buy a house or condo in the area, and be super close to get those yummy and tasty fries, check out these homes for sale in North Phoenix.

Another Community question in the past was about tacos, and who had the best tacos in North Phoenix. Tacos and fries don’t really go together but who doesn’t like tacos? So if you are craving tacos, that is a blog post you want to check out for sure.

Back to fries in North Phoenix. If it’s mid to late afternoon and you start to get that craving for some tasty fries, visit one of these places, and have fun. And don’t forget to share with us. Drop a comment below. Share in the Group, and let me know your favorite fries. Till the next time.

Living North Phoenix – Blair

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