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Who Are Your North Phoenix Neighbors?

Our Facebook Group, Living North Phoenix, will periodically do “where are you from” posts. They normally are very engaging. Our most recent one did not disappoint! With a reach of almost 10,000 and almost 600 comments it was awesome and had some surprises too.

I tend to be a technical person, so when you ask someone where are they from-does it mean where they were born? Where they lived? Where they live now? Where they grew up? For sake of making this easy let’s say the respondents assumed it meant where they were born.

Additionally, the post does have close to 600 comments. That also includes replies so this is just a sample but the results were still interesting.

Lastly, most States were mentioned so I won’t go over all of them but I did want to recognize some “honorable mentions.”


The first group is those that had between 5-10. Missouri had 5, Maryland had 6 (what’s up with that?), New Jersey, Indiana and Michigan had 7, Oregon had 8, and Washington and Wisconsin had 9.

I was kind of surprised that Maryland and Indiana had the presence they did. And I was expecting New Jersey to be higher.

10-20…watch out North Phoenix!

Ohio had around 10 responses, and California was only 18. Sure a lot of people move here from California but I don’t think it’s as high as some might actually think.


This one was very surprising to me. Can you guess who came in at 22 of your North Phoenix neighbors?

Yup, New York. With 22. I had always heard we have a lot of NY transplants here but I was surprised at this number for sure. Maybe makes the New Jersey one more understandable.

No surprises here, North Phoenix…

This next one comes with no surprises at all as I put myself in this category. Illinois. With 42! It’s easy to get tired of the snow. Many people from Illinois and Chicago who own property, get tired of the high taxes, they want more golf and to be closer to areas like California and Vegas.

More surprising than you think….

So many people think Phoenix lacks natives. Well, AZ came in at 57, the highest single state and %. And this happens every time there is a where are you from post. The majority are always AZ natives. Sure, our State gets a lot of people that move here from other areas, but there are far more natives than you think in North Phoenix and Phoenix in general.

And I was delighted to see we also had people mention the following countries or areas: Indonesia, Argentina, Romania, Wales, Germany, Guam, El Salvador, Austria, England, South Africa, Milipitas, Beijing, Philipines, Hawaii, Bosnia, Poland, Italy, India and The Himalayas.

Moving to North Phoenix?

Hiking is one of the biggest reasons people move to and choose North Phoenix. Here is a blog I did about some hikes in the Phoenix area.

It’s not North Phoenix but we recently visited Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend you check it out.

So, if you live in North Phoenix, or are thinking about moving here this is where your neighbors might be from. We are a very diverse crowd and as we continue to grow, it likely will be even more diverse.

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