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Where Are The Best Tacos In North Phoenix?

Taco Tuesday is one of our favorite days, right? Actually any day with tacos is! And Phoenix/North Phoenix is home to some of the best taco “joints” around.

When it’s time to find out the best of anything, where better to go than our Facebook Group Living North Phoenix. As I try to do in other posts, here are some disclaimers. If the question is asked “where are the best tacos in North Phoenix,” I don’t eliminate someone’s answer if it’s south of x Road, or west of y Avenue. Here’s a little hint-if you don’t like the answers for any reason you don’t need to keep reading…or respond. 2nd disclaimer-I am not endorsing any of these restaurants/places. It’s simply the results of the poll. 3rd-Someone in the Group can have a favorite place, that might not be in the area, but they are. Now, back to everyone’s favorite food–TACOS!

#1 Most Popular North Phoenix Tacos

City Tacos took the gold medal for North Phoenix tacos. They are located near 7th St and Bell. I have never been to City Tacos but after this poll I want to jump in my car and head over. So many great options on the menu, and it appears to be affordable and decent portions. Plus, location wise-easy access from the 17, 51, and 101–yay!

Next Best North Phoenix Tacos….

When I was polling the results and saw the first El Super name mention I thought I was being pranked. No offense to the owners. It’s a great name–just thought it was funny. But hey if you are looking for a super good taco in North Phoenix, check out El Super! They don’t have an online menu or website from what I can see so I am just going to trust that after seeing this picture, this is a hole-in-the-wall taco place with great food…and I can’t wait to go.

Last But Not Least Best North Phoenix Tacos is…

Tacos Califia came in 3rd and they have 8 Valleywide locations with one off 16th St and Bell being most accessible to North Phoenix? It appears they have spent a lot of time developing out their social media, menus, options, and offering discounts to our military and law enforcement–well done, Tacos Califia! Another place I want to check out for sure.

So What Now?

There are so many options for tacos in North Phoenix. I even heard of some taco stands on the side of the road that are good. And what defines the best taco? How it tastes? The service to get you the taco? Price? All of it? It’s more “chainy” but I have enjoyed Torchys Tacos on Tatum and Shea-are they the best tacos around? No. But for the price they are pretty dang good. And what goes better on Taco Tuesdays than breakfast burritos. Learn who got the top votes in our best North Phoenix breakfast burrito blog.

Bottom line-no matter who has the best tacos in North Phoenix–just get out there and support local. Whether it is someone from this list, your own. If you are moving to North Phoenix, this might just be a really good start too.

And remember, any day of the week is good for tacos 😉

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