solar in phoenix
Tired of wasting money on high power bills? You need solar.

Electric keeps going up in North Phoenix, right?

It’s official!! I am now certified to sell solar! For years I had received APS bills over $300 and knew there had to be a better way. I was tired of wasting money on high power bills. I had heard about solar panels before obviously but didn’t really think about installing them on our own personal home. Why? Not sure. Then finally we got the itch and looked into it. We ended up getting 1 or 2 estimates and the rest is history! 

I’ll just keep paying high power bills

I didn’t want to keep paying high power bills. Did you know that there is 0 down solar? Sure, anything 0 down costs more monthly payment wise. But even if you put down $1000 or $2000 your payment can be reduced too. We did not max out our system. We did 0 down (but had to pay for an electric panel upgrade) and our solar payment is around $160/month.

I will never get my money back on solar

Everyone’s situation, numbers, and home are different.  I won’t ever claim to say yes you will make your money back or when. I purchased our system knowing we likely would be in our home for awhile and were concerned about already high power costs going higher, so this was an investment.

I recently ran the average of our system and our actual average power monthly cost is around $70 for a total power cost of about $230/month. I think before getting solar my average was around $180-$200. I am 100% confident that since having solar we have become more lax with using power, running it more during peak times, etc.

We love green!

In our personal situation, even if we are only break even (which I am confident we won’t be soon) we are very pleased to know that we are helping the environment be more green. The amount of bad stuff that goes in the environment and then is wasted in creating power is insane. And we have the ability to help reduce that. And we are. 

If you want to learn more, call me at 480-233-6433.

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