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Unleashing AIs Potential

Unless you live under a rock you have probably have heard about AI, and specifically Chat GPT. Recently, in one of our Living North Phoenix networking meetings, I had the chance to talk about unleashing AIs potential to help you in what you’re looking to do; whether it be business growth, resume building, marketing, or a whole bunch of other stuff. In this blog post I am going to be sharing some examples on what to say to AI to help you!

Using AI To Help You!

So many people are afraid of AI. Afraid of AI taking away jobs. Afraid of doing a job better. What you want to believe is up to you, but you can use AI to help you. So, let’s talk about that! One tip that I provided in our networking meeting was that Chat GPT is an online tool designed for many things; but to help you. But how can it really help you if it doesn’t know who you are? So, literally ask Chat GPT to ask you 20 questions about your business. Then, answer those questions. Train it to know who you are. If you are going to goof off on it, get a different account. Because if one day you are asking it what is the most popular dog, but then another day, wondering how to get more clients–you might end up with a Lab Mix as a client… *insert laughey emoji

Not All AI Is Bad For Business…

There are so many industries that are concerned about AI taking over jobs. Will jobs be lost? Sure. But for those that know how to use AI, they can use it to strengthen what they are doing to become even more in demand. How? One way specific to Chat GPT is prompts. Just asking Chat GPT to write a blog post for me about real estate will likely give me an extremely vague post that probably has 0 value to anyone. Concerned about losing your job? If you write prompts like that, you might be in that category… But asking it to write a blog that is seo friendly with seo friendly headings around 1000 words based around the top 5 mistakes that homesellers make when selling their home will give you much better content that is more valuable. I am not literally suggesting that the previous example that exact person get’s fired or loses their job over this kind of prompt, but can you see the difference? And even the 2nd example could be better. Don’t be afraid to play with it, and keep working at it. And now that more exact prompt will give you a blog that could be good for your business and strategy.

What Do You Need From AI?

Just like with anything else–if you know what you need, and ask the right questions, you will get what you need, and maybe even more. In Chat GPTs case, there is a paid version and a free one. I use the free one. Just remember, the free version is not current data. So, asking it about something that might be impacted by the currency of something might not be very accurate. The paid one also never has any lag time for those impatient people who need everything right away. It’s your choice though.

What’s Next For AI & Me?

Whether you are looking to build a better resume, strengthen your vision, client retention, write policies and procedures, or learn more about the social media reels you should do this week, Chat GPT and AI is here to stay, and help you more than hurt you.. Give it a try and reap the rewards from something that is free and at our disposal.

When I spoke I shared a list of close to 50 prompts that can help with all of this. To learn more about our networking Group and to get access to this lists and our other featured speakers who share valuable tips to help with your business, call or email me to find out more. The members of our Group who engage and stay active, reap massive benefits from the opportunities.

Trying to decide where to live? You could even ask AI for help. But in the meantime here’s an article I wrote about why Phoenix the ideal place to raise a family.

Questions about our networking Group? Facebook Group? Real estate in Phoenix? I’m here to help.

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