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Phoenix Phrases: The Lingo Locals Love

“It’s a dry heat” is one of the most recognizable phrases when discussing Phoenix’s weather but are there others? There are quite a few other Phoenix phrases that you might want to be aware of or even had forgotten. So whether you live here, or are thinking about moving to North Phoenix, you might want to keep reading…

I recently asked our Facebook Community and the answers are awesome. So let’s dig deeper and find out what they are.

That Guy Is Everywhere…

Unless you live under a rock, there’s one guy that is everywhere: bus stops, buses, billboards…oh and that infamous commercial…you know what I’m referring to. Yup, that’s the one, “Call Rafi. Rafi.”

How annoying could it be? The answer is very. However, talk about branding. Everyone knows this guy. So good for him to figure out a way to annoy all of us.

It’s Only 125…

This one you really don’t hear anywhere else, “Another tourist hiker rescued off of Camelback with the temperature at 95Β°.”

It’s 90+ degrees out, you don’t bring water, and expect to climb a mountain? Ugh. Darwin was right.

Suns In 4

“This is our year” – Suns fans.

I mean, this happens everywhere…and after being a Cubs fan, for close to 100 years (I’m not 100), I can say Chicago fans said the same. But the poor Suns fans waiting for “that year.” I feel ya. So maybe next year?

A What?

One of my favorites, and I’m not really sure where this word came from. It wasn’t even used to describe dust storms back in the day: “haboobs.” I think people just like saying anything with “boobs” in it. So let’s call this massive dust storm a “ha” “boob.”

By the way check out this haboob picture–it looks surreal and out of an episode of Walking Dead.

Local tip: stay inside. Being caught in these, especially while driving can be super dangerous.

2nd tip-stay at a hotel on a higher floor for an amazing view.

Do You Like Biscuits?

This was awesome…and so true, “it’s pronounced Preskitt, like biscuit.” I think I pronounce it both ways and is there really a right way?

Honestly, I think if you asked 100 people, locals or not, you’d get 50 people saying it like biscuit and 50 saying it like Pres-cott.

So what is the correct pronunciation? Ask a group of locals and realize everyone thinks they’re right. However you say it, if you haven’t been, take a day trip up to Prescott up from North Phoenix for a visit.

Can’t Touch This…

Ever see those cactus’ and don’t know how to pronounce it? Heard horror stories of a cactus jumping out at you and sending you to the hospital for weeks and months? Just kidding…

Is it choy-a? Chol-la? I sure as heck think it’s choy-a, but listen to your GPS and then let me know πŸ˜‰

Want Some New Jewelry In North Phoenix?

I gotta admit. I totally forgot about this one. And boy, is it appropriate as it isn’t said anywhere else. lol. Just even thinking about it. Who cares? “On Scottsdale Road and Acoma, 1 mile south of Bell Road.” That’s right. Thanks, Shane Co. for letting us know where you are. FYI, it isn’t even accurate.

Every area has their own phrases, stuff only the locals say.

It’s always fun to hear/remember what is being said out there. We sure are a dry heat, but we have so many other awesome phrases and words that really are native to Phoenix so if you are thinking about moving to North Phoenix, get ready to be sitting at that stop light and hearing the famous words, “call rafi rafi,” you might just regret moving here….

Oh, 1 more thing…love breakfast? Not much compares to the yummyness at Original Breakfast House. So stop in, say hi to their staff and see how many times you hear a local phrase πŸ™‚

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