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Best Burger In North Phoenix?

About 10 years ago my wife and I found a local restaurant spot in North Phoenix called Paradise Valley Burger Company. And during that time, I have eaten a lot of different hamburgers from a lot of different places. I still believe they have the best hamburger in North Phoenix.

Support Local, North Phoenix

Hopefully you have seen a few of our other videos and blogs where we interview local bar, restaurant and shop owners. If you haven’t, here is a link to a few of them. It had been a goal of mine to interview the owner of PVBC but always hit a roadblock. I finally reached someone who was able to connect me with Bret, the owner, who then was gracious enough to grant the interview.

I sat down with him and am beyond excited to bring you this small snippet of his world to us, let you know more about his passions, why he does what he does and how he continues to have the best hamburger in Phoenix.

How Did Paradise Valley Burger Start?

Before it became Paradise Valley Burger Company, Bred had responded to an ad on Craig’slist looking for a Chef. Unfortunately, not too long after Brett got appointed the position as a Chef, the restaurant was closing down. He approached the landlord, shared with him the concept of what he wanted to do with the equipment, opened the new restaurant and now has one of North Phoenix’s most sought after hamburger places.

It’s About The People

Through starting a restaurant, COVID, inflation, and the day-to-day challenges of being a business owner, Bret really expressed how important his relationships are. He remains loyal to the same food vendors. He is there to support his employees and his customers are super important. He is super passionate about making sure that the hamburger I ordered 10 years ago tastes the same as it does today, and will in the future. So that loyalty to vendors, and treating employees well allows that experience to remain the same.

Dive or Diner?

Every “dive” restaurant dreams of being on Diners, Dine-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri, right? The time, preparation and commitment to helping the show demonstrate how awesome the food is, and how awesome the culture has allowed PVBC’s business to triple immediately!

What’s Next?

Just a few doors down from his hamburgers, is a pizza shop that Bret opened called “Paradise Valley Pizza Company.” The Pizza company creates more of a New York style thin-based pizza that is crispy with a Southwestern flare! Bret strongly recommends eating a burger at the restaurant and getting a pizza to go! 😉

And the tater tots at Paradise Burger Company are awesome, but if you are in the mood for some fries and don’t know where to go–this article goes over who has the best french fries in North Phoenix.

PVBC is located in one of Phoenix’s most well located zip codes–85032. If you have thought about buying a home in the area, or curious about what is for sale in 85032–here is a website with some homes for sale in 85032 to search. Enjoy!

Brett, thank you for letting me sit down with you. I had a blast and absolutely love what you have created. If you are looking for a great hamburger in North Phoenix stop by Paradise Valley Burger Company. You will enjoy it.

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