North Phoenix Wedding Venue Spotlight: Chilleens

Wanna get hitched? This blog comes to you from Heidi, who is a member of our Community and offered to write about her experience at Chilleens. Experience of eating (not getting married) ;-).

Bar Rescue

You might have seen this place on Bar Rescue. Here’s a hint a horse walks into a bar lol. Well this place has truly transformed. I come here often when traveling on the 17. The food never disappoints.

Established in 2003, Chilleens on 17 is a family owned and operated restaurant. In 2013, Bar Rescue came in and helped the Chilleen Family succeed. Fast forward a few years and Aleah, also known as the “daughter” on the show, purchased the restaurant to save the business from bankruptcy. Now Aleah and her mom Donna Run the restaurant. Aleah has renovated and added on gift shops, additional event spaces and even a beautiful wedding area!”

Fresh Please!

If you like fried zucchini it will be your new favorite place. You can tell their food is fresh and not frozen fried.

However, if you have a gluten allergy do not order the fries. My friend found that out ooops!


The place is super clean and has a great vibe. I was shocked when I walked the property to find all the little details they have made just right. They have even added a small live music venue but was unable to see inside.

The little house out back for the bridal party was just darling. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it. The sunset is amazing too if you are looking for that date night perfect moment.

Where is Chilleens?

Chilleens is located in Black Canyon City, a small town North of Anthem as you leave the “City.” Sound familiar but still unsure? How about that place that is always hoppin on the west side of the 17 and you see to the right that says they have the best pie?? Ring a bell? Yes, that’s right. That is Black Canyon City.

Years back, I helped a client buy a home in Black Canyon City. It was really my first time there. They had lived in the City and were tired of the people, the cars, the busyness. They wanted to feel like they were in the middle of nowhere but still not too far from major medical, etc.

If you ever are curious about the homes for sale in Black Canyon City, look to your heart’s content right here! And don’t forget to stop by Chilleens for some good food and atmosphere.

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