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That’s amore! Who doesn’t love Italian food? I know I certainly do. Whether it’s a big bowl of yummy spaghetti, or the overflowing cheese on a ravioli I could probably eat Italian food every day. Every so often I will ask our Living North Phoenix Group about their favorite Italian restaurants. And this time around I tried my best to tally everyone’s results.

I love food. I love Italian food. I love eating out. And I wish I could try all the ones that people mention. So, the ones listed are simply the tallied results. Eventually, I will make it over to each and give them a try. It is interesting to me though that as the Group grows, the top choices tend to stay the same as I have done other polls and the same names keep coming up.

As you read about these, please know I have not tried all of them, nor am I endorsing or not endorsing them as my favorites. These are strictly the results of a local Facebook Group.

Favorite Phoenix Italian Restaurants

Tutti Santi easily came in at #1. I have never been there but I gotta tell you the last time I went to our friends at Sonoran Chiropractic who are located next door all I could smell was the garlic bread. It was incredible! I hear their parking lot is always packed. I’m a sucker for shrimp scampi so when I do make it over I know I will be trying that. And the ravioli alla Nina looks fantastico!

Times Square came in at #2. I was there once–to the location on Bell. I was really excited to go because at that time I think it was voted #1. And it did remind me of a New York diner type place and the price was decent but I wasn’t really excited by the food. Honestly, and sorry Times Square, I could eat at Olive Garden and probably have the same type of taste.

Osteria Mia opened a few years ago and is a local’s favorite. I have been trying to make it over to try it as everyone raves about it. The owner, Mario Rana is in our FB Group and had this to share, ” We appreciate all of the support that the Northwest Valley has given us in the past 3.5 years. We love being a part of the North Phoenix, Peoria and Surprise community. We have operated restaurants all across the Valley, and this part of town has been the most supportive, and that’s why we live here an continue to open restaurants in the area.”

Red Devil-This came up as a favorite and really I thought it was just pizza. From looking at the menu it looks like maybe a version of Olive Garden but with pizza? I don’t mean that mean to either so I will have to check this one out too.

Bye Bye Butcher

Years ago I used to think Sicilian Butcher was amazing and some of the best local Italian food. I had gone back sometime last year and not only did the service suck, but the food just was very basic. It was sad because we used to love going. I don’t know if the owner’s expansion to other restaurants caused him to lose focus, or what but it wasn’t the same and I am ok not going back.

There were a lot of other restaurants mentioned in our list/poll. When I started my Group it was #1 goal to make it be a Community based Group. Part of community is supporting local. I love seeing the different names of restaurants to help support local and try new places. If you are craving Italian food, please visit these places, and drop a note or comment below letting us know what you found out.

Need to shave off some pounds after a bowl of spaghetti? I put together this list with 10 must try hikes.

If you love Italian food as much as I do, drop a comment below with your favorite restaurant, or which one you plan to try. Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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