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North Phoenix Insurance On The Rise

Everything with a price tag is going up, right? If you rent, own a home, or drive a car–don’t be shocked if your next insurance bill/premium costs more than it used to. Insurance is going up everywhere.

Brian Weaver, insurance agent from Genrose Insurance recently spoke at our Living North Phoenix business lunch networking meeting about the rising cost of insurance and how it impacts not only Arizona but Maricopa County residents.

Credit Impacts Insurance?

The first thing that Brian discussed was the impact that ones credit score can have on their ability to get insurance as well as their actual insurance rate. Did you know it had that much of an impact? I sure didn’t. I assumed if you had decent FICOS/credit scores you would have decent rates. But it goes deeper than that and using a whole different rating system.

Brian suggested that if you are thinking about getting insurance, or trying to get a lower rate you should pay off as much of your debts as possible. For direct questions about credit and insurance it is best to reach Brian.

One other point about credit–did you know Arizona is the most impacted State by credit? The lower your credit is, Arizona has the hardest hit-so having a better credit score will benefit you most here in North Phoenix.

Are Rates Up Everywhere?

Yes! With the recent over-the-years impact of fires, flooding and all other claims, insurance rates have been and are on the rise. There are some States and areas where companies are uninsuring properties. California and Florida are seeing many homeowners struggling to find insurance and/or sell their homes.

It is imperative to have a Broker like Brian help you with your insurance plans to help avoid those types of situations and/or to better remedy the situation as soon as possible. Rates are on the rise and it is key to be aware of it and plan for it. Without a plan you are more likely to run into issues.

Water Issues In North Phoenix?

Did you know that water claims are a huge issue in Arizona? And while all water problems can’t be avoided, there are steps that can be taken to avoid certain ones.

Brian suggested having a roofer check on your roof once a year to insure that your roof is in good shape. Additionally, having a plumber come out once a year as well to check on water pressure, to drain your water heater and check for leaks at all faucets and connections. Do NOT overlook these 2 things. They can end up saving you thousands. The plumber that Living North Phoenix regularly recommends is Rapid Rooter Plumbing.

Shattered Dreams…

Ok, bad reference, but here in North Phoenix we always encounter so many issues with stuff on the roads to cause cracked windshields. And when you go fill up your tank, or get a car wash, who is there to help you? None other than a glass “guy.”

As the insurance world changes, keep in mind glass replacement/damage is the number one reason for non-renewal. So if you get a little pebble hitting your windshield, gone are the days of just getting it replaced and not having to worry about not being insured. Before you do anything, make sure to call Brian first.

Dream Weaver…

Another horrible reference but as the insurance world changes in North Phoenix, it is important to keep your credit score as high as possible, avoid water damage, and do not over replace your windshield amongst many other things.

For questions on anything insurance related, reach out to the insurance dream weaver, Brian Weaver at 602-690-9294.

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