North Phoenix Foodie Finds: Dive into Delicious Italian at Bottega in Glendale

If you’re like me, you love really good authentic Italian food. So, when an opportunity comes up to experience authentic Italian I am there in a heartbeat.

Through Living North Phoenix our Facebook Group, we will occasionally ask where is everyone’s favorite Italian restaurant. And 1 place that consistently came up that I had not heard of before was Bottega. Nick the owner and I connected in the Group and he graciously granted me a chance to meet with him, tour his restaurant, and sit down to chance to learn about him, his restaurant, and his passion for delivering an experience in his luxury authentic Italian restaurant in Glendale.

Bottega Pizzeria Ristorante in Glendale, AZ

Never Enough…

Whenever I do these blogs about restaurants/meeting restaurant owners I always feel like the blog doesn’t do the owner justice. Our 1 hour meeting and delicious food ends up in a 4 minute read. If blog length truly was indicative of a restaurant’s quality this blog would probably take days to read. If you are looking for realllllllly good Italian food anywhere in the Valley, head up to Bottega in Glendale, you will not regret it.

Bottega’s History

After meeting Nick, we went to his private banquet/meeting room which is the largest in the West Valley, and a great spot for wedding parties, business meetings, or just a nice bigger private dinner. I had a chance to learn about Nick’s upbringing in Milano, Italy and how he arrived in Phoenix 22 years ago. And how had a strong desire to open up a fabulous Italian restaurant in Glendale or the West Valley, and something that was not in Scottsdale (where everyone thinks they have to go to). Bottega has now been open for 8 years.

Bottega Private Room And Bar

Family Owned Glendale Italian Restaurant

Bottega prides themselves as being a family owned Italian restaurant with good food and great service, and from my standpoint Nick has accomplished it. If you live in Phoenix, it can be fairly common to hear negative things about the West Valley: Peoria, Glendale, Surprise, etc. Nick wanted to change that idea. And really deliver to the consumer an experience that you would expect in Scottsdale but you actually are in Glendale.

Nick has many staff members that have been with him since Day 1 8 years ago; a testament to Nick putting people above profit. Bottega is located off of 59th Ave and south of the 101 in Glendale, and next to The Melting Pot and Zipps.

Great Italian Food

We had a chance to talk about business, real estate, the impact of COVID on restaurants, the competitiveness of the restaurant industry and a host of other topics. What really stuck with me is how through whatever challenges he has faced, he continues to push harder and because of that had his best year in 2023; a testament to providing amazing food with great customer service. Nothing at Bottega is out of the box. Everything is fresh.

Beyond Delicious Pasta
Incredibly Delicious Pizza
The Famous Tiramisu

Visit Bottega, Glendale’s Best Italian Restaurant

Nick runs a class operation and I am honored to have had the chance to meet him, hear his story, and taste his delicious food. He has gained a customer that will be back with his family who can’t wait to hear the live music, be immersed in the great atmosphere, have a high level of customer service and eat a delicious meal. Thanks, Nick. You are awesome

Whether you live in Gilbert or Glendale or anything in between or around, swing by Bottega, say hi to Nick and give them a chance. I am confident that whatever you order you will love.

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