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North Phoenix Date Ideas

Where are good places to go for a date?

If you are in our Facebook Group Living North Phoenix, you know we get great engagement. And we get to see awesome questions and answers. By the way, if you aren’t, you should go join now 🙂

One of our Group members recently asked the Group about ideas for a date night idea type thing in North Phoenix…and the answers were amazing.

There were too many answers for me to focus on for this blog so I chose to write about a few of my favorites/most unique. I know there is always that someone will say this place isn’t in North Phoenix..or you can’t go on a date there. If you don’t like the blog, keep scrolling 🙂

Lights In North Phoenix?

One of the most unique responses that got my attention was courtesy of Olie Mossm a local photographer who suggested a neon sign tour. If you are intersted in seeing his work, or need a photographer in North Phoenix visit this link.

What a clever, original idea. I think this is awesome because it gets you out of the house, enjoying our City, supporting local and having a fun time. Olie took is girlfriend on a tour and was kind enough to provide the map/list. What an absolutely fun, different and creative idea. If you end up doing it, drop a comment below or send me a pic with your favorite neon sign.

Planes In North Phoenix

Deer Valley Airport and Scottsdale Airpark are 2 local smaller airparks that are super fun to go to. If you are feeling up to it and budget allows, Volanti at the Scottsdale Airpark is a really yummy restaurant. Deer Valley can be a fun spot too. I think Barrio Brewing is the only dining option at Deer Valley at time of this blog.

I personally have been to both. It’s been a few years since I was at Deer Valley but both Airports are super fun to watch the planes take off, and if you’re in the mood for food-that can make it even more of a date 🙂

Oh, Dolly….

I bet there are some people reading this (usually out of State) that don’t even know we have a steamboat, let alone a body of water. It’s been years since I was on it, but Dolly Steamboat is so Arizona and something you have to do at least once.

Take a relaxing boat ride through Canyon Lake and enjoy our beautiful landscape and enjoy the serenity that Phoenix offers. This is an absolute must do.

Are We Friends?

The Japanese Friendship Garden in Downtown Phoenix is an absolute must see. To think it is smack dab in the middle of our beautiful City, and is such an amazing completely relaxing place–this is some place you have to visit.

Stressed out? Looking for something to do on a date? Just go to the Gardens and relax. There is nothing else to do!

Those are just a few that I thought are worth pointing out as ideas for people in North Phoenix to do on dates. There were many others that made the suggestion box: visiting WonderSpaces, going to Jerome and The Haunted Hamburger, visiting a comedy club, Boyce Arboretum, going to Bisbee, barn dancing at Mortimer Farms, going for a hot air balloon ride, taking a trip on the Wine Wagon, and visiting Talking Stick for some awesome food and views.

As someone who has lived in Phoenix for over 30 years, our City has grown so much and there is so much to do. We aren’t just a visit to play golf place and catch a sports game. We might not be a San Francisco, Miami, or Chicago but we sure as heck a lot to enjoy and experience with a vast array of available landscapes in our State from the desert to the high elevation pines in Flagstaff. Whether you are going on a date, day trip, or vacation, our State has so much to offer. Don’t think you need to just go to San Diego to experience it. Try us first. And let me know what you end up doing.

If you are just looking for a fun spot to eat outside, check out a blog we wrote about best outdoor spots in North Phoenix.

And remember, Living North Phoenix is your place to visit and be a part of for all things North Phoenix. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit!

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