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North Phoenix Business Networking

North phoenix Networking Meeting
North Phoenix Networking Meeting

Looking To Grow Your North Phoenix Business?

Do you own a business in North Phoenix?

Living North Phoenix has a bi-monthly business networking lunch. We are an exclusive Group that is helping build deeper relationships, expand businesess, meet new professionals, and share tips to help our lives and businessess.

North Phoenix Business Meeting Details

  • Meet every other week on Thursdays
  • Exclusive for Industry (only 1 per industry)
  • $100 Fee Quarterly (will be $125 in the future)
  • Meetings last about an hour

Benefits of Membership

  • Exclusive per industry
  • You can be a featured speaker about once a quarter
  • Featured speakers get a blog that is shared in FB Group and pinned, on website and social platforms
  • Chance to network with your peers
  • Grow your social circle
  • $25 off next quarterly dues for any referred member who joins
  • Private Facebook Group Membership

Current North Phoenix Business Networking Members

* Blair Ballin – Realtor * Brian Weaver – Personal/Commercial Insurance
* Chad & Jessica Librizzi – Plumbing* Erin Robinette – Lending
* Kevin & Taylor – Chiropractors – Sonoran Chiropractic* Justus Speed – Financial Planner/Life Insurance
* Edward Givens – Health Insurance* James Schmillen – Family Law Attorney
* Van Brophy – Garage Door Repair and Replacement* Meagan Lewis – Party Rentals Planning
* Bryan Lifshvitz – Brand Management* Shannon Richards Nieves- Digital Marketing
* Dave Robbins – Financial Planner

Next Steps?

If you are interested in attending a meeting as a guest to see what it’s like, fill out the form below.  Once I receive it I will send you a Google calendar invite with the date of the next meeting, time, and location.

You can attend the first meeting at no charge and there are no requirements to eat/order food. Then, if you are interested in joining, you must let me know. Then, the Board votes. If you are approved, then you Venmo me the quarterly fee. No refunds are given. And if you are asked to be removed for not attending, or another Board decided reason, a refund will not be issued either.

Dues are due at time of joining. Quarters start when you join.


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