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New North Phoenix Pickleball Courts

Have you caught the pickleball bug? Now that the weather is cooling down and we can be outside without having to worry about burning, expect the local North Phoenix pickleball courts to be packed. And who doesn’t get tired of waiting in lines, and just wants to play!

North Phoenix Pickleball

Have you heard that Center Court Pickleball Club is opening 3 Valleywide locations? North Phoenix is slated to get 2 of them.

One will be replacing the old Bed Bath & Beyond near 101 & Scottsdale. The other will be near 60th Ave and Bell. Both are scheduled to open next Summer.

Indoor Pickleball?

One of the biggest issues with pickleball in any State really is that for about 1/3-1/2 of the year it is harder to play outside. And with the rapidly growing demand for the sport, more courts are opening inside to allow for more playing time.

Phoenix especially will benefit from indoor pickleball as May-September can become challenging to play especially mid-day.

Ballin’ on the pickleball court

Yes, I have balled on the pickleball court. I like the game. I think the rules are difficult to adapt to since I am so used to tennis rules. But it is a fun game and in an amateur setting I think can be super fun. Even though I have a tendency to not stay out of the kitchen-doh!

So, if you do love to play pickleball, or want to learn, indoor pickleball could be for you. Make sure to check out ABC 15s article about Center Court’s planned developments.

Played a little too rough and need an adjustment? Check out our friends at Sonoran Chiropractic for a helpful adjustment so you can get back on the courts!

Love to play pickleball? Looking for some opponents? Hit me up. I’d love to hear from you.

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