Must Visit Speakeasy In North Phoenix

Speak what? I gotta tell you when I first heard the term-I really had no idea what it meant. Recently, one of our Group members posted about one. And now I know there is definitely a must visit speakeasy in North Phoenix..

North Phoenix Speakeasy

Our Group member, Naresh, posted about his experience and I am glad he did. Here is Wander’s website. No menu is there, reservations are recommended, and they are located near 7th Street and the 101. Don’t want to drink and drive? I get it. Buy a house or condo nearby Wander, and just walk :-). Here is a list of homes for sale in 85024–search away!

Here’s another photo of a drink Naresh took. I’m anxious to give them a try and report back. And possibly even hold a Happy Hour at Wander. Want to join us at this must visit speakeasy in North Phoenix? Comment below. Send me a message. Do whatever ya have to do 🙂 and I will keep you posted.

Fancy Schmancy

I’ll be the first one to tell ya, I grew up on Bud Light, then loved Stella Artois and have graduated to some Hazy IPAs…with an occasional glass of some red or white wine. So, them fancy drinks can be scary to me. They are too expensive and if I hear “Kings Blues Tonic” I would rather order a Sprite.

But I gotta tell you, there is something fancy about the picture above, and the drinks in it. It is very very appealing. And the drink pictured below…YES PLEASE!!

And what better way to relax, and let your stresses go away than a super relaxing setting and a smooth drink.. Before some people start criticizing me, I am not saying alcohol is the only way to relieve stress. But sometimes having a fancy schmancy drink and just chillin’ is a great way to go.

And if you are looking for other fun things to do, check out our blog about unique, fun ideas for dates in Phoenix.

What’s A Speakeasy?

If you are like me you didn’t really know what a speakeasy means. I guess it means a secret and hidden type spot that serves alcohol. Kind of like in the old days when alcohol was illegally sold and secret places served it–is my understanding.

Enjoy your visit!

Living North Phoenix – Blair

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