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Brian Weaver Phoenix insurance Agent

Looking For A North Phoenix Insurance Agent?

Are all insurance agents the same?

The answer of course is no. Some people prefer the big companies like State Farm or All State. Some people prefer a more local professional who knows the market, the options and is hands-on who doesn’t run a mass shop where you are treated like just a number. Brian Weaver is an insurance agent in North Phoenix and has been in insurance for almost 10 years, following a career in the lending industry. He is not the same as others and it is definitely worth reaching out to him!

What does Brian do in his down time?

His favorite part of his job is representing and taking care of his clients and building long lasting relationships. Brian is not about quantity, rather he is about quality. He always smiles when he gets home from a long day and gets hugs from his kids. He enjoys dirt biking and off-roading, RVing, and snowboarding in his free time.

Brian is on your side

Because Brian has been on the lending side of things for homes, if you are looking for something that involves a loan–his knowledge will only even benefit you more!

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