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Jennifer Caraway of The Joy Bus Diner™

It’s All About Giving

I was absolutely thrilled and honored to interview and chat with Jennifer Caraway of The Joy Bus Diner™. Jennifer started the Joy Bus Diner that is also part of the The Joy Bus Charity which is a Not for Profit organization whose sole purpose is to relieve the daily struggles of homebound cancer patients with a fresh Chef Inspired meal and a friendly face. 

Joy Bus Diner in Phoenix
The Joy Bus Diner

Has Cancer Impacted You?

Many of us know someone that has been affected by cancer and Jennifer has created an amazing charity that serves the community. Volunteers can come in to the Diner to help serve a meal, box a lunch, serve a meal to a care worker and the patient.

Jennifer has created something that she is truly passionate about and is just an absolutely wonderful cause/charity that continues to grow.


Every November, Joy Bus holds its biggest event, and whether you are able to attend it, make a donation, or spread the word, they would be so grateful. 

Check out their website and while you are there, remember to stop in the restaurant. The food is not only all local, it is delish. Here is their Facebook Page too!

Ever Watch Chopped?

Have you ever seen Chopped? It is a show my daughter introduced to me and the chefs and challenges they have are amazing. Jennifer is actually a Chopped winner! Find out more on AZCentral’s article.

A Servant’s Heart

Jennifer, thank you so much for your positive impact on our community and what you are doing.

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