Indulge in North Phoenix’s Legendary Pies at Rock Springs Cafe

Unless you live under a rock, you probably have seen all the cars and people on the west side of the 17 and wondered what the heck it was. Well, it’s a different rock. Rock Springs Cafe.

Rock Springs Cafe is known for their world famous pies. And for this blog, our Community Member Heidi shares her experience at Rock Springs.

It has been about 2 years since I have been here. Wow has it changed! So many little buildings and areas to see! I walked the whole lot and turns “Auggie” owns even the gas station. If you haven’t been upstairs there is a year round Christmas store too! 

Some pictures from Heidi’s visit…

What a bar!

Be sure to take the time to walk in the back. The place is great for parties or a simple quiet meal or dessert. Everything was clean and organized besides one area. Heidi highly recommends it if you want to do something different and enjoy the scenery to stop by and enjoy the scenery and vibe.

Looking for an adventure? Want to escape the “Big City” for a few hours? Want a yummy fruit pie? Check out Rock Springs Cafe.

I think it is a super fun place to visit, and kind of feels like what Phoenix used to be like before massive growth happened–a little slice (no pun intended) of the Wild West.

Have you been? Plan to go? Drop a comment with your favorite flavor pie or when you will be going!

Until the next one-

Blair – Living North Phoenix

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