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From Italy to Peoria: Fabio Brings Italy to Your Table

That’s amore is a phrase what we hear when talking about Italian food, or as a playful joke. I don’t know about other States but it is tough to find a truly good authentic Italian restaurant.

For years, whenever I asked Living North Phoenix Facebook Group about their favorite Italian restaurant, 1 name kept coming up: Fabio on Fire. I love to eat. I love Italian food. And I had never heard of this quaint Peoria Italian restaurant. And little did I know what a treat I would be in for when I recently had a chance to meet Fabio.

A Little History First

Fabio is rich with history and how he now has 2 amazingly delicious restaurants. So let’s take a journey back in time.

Fabio was born in South Italy and eventually moved to North Italy. His love for authentic Italian delights started from a young age and continued with him as he learned from his family and continued with it as he started new chapters in his life.

He went to Culinary school for 5 years which brought him to one of his first jobs, on a cruise ship, where he worked for a few years, and loved it. In addition to traveling everywhere he also met his future wife. They stayed in touch, and eventually, Fabio moved to Minneapolis to be with his amore. After a short while they decided to move to Arizona to get out of the blistery cold winters.

Once in Arizona, some might call it luck, I call it hard work and passion; passion for delivering authentic Italian food to others. And when you are passionate Chef about your food–that passion will show up on the plate or board you eat from.

The Big Break?

Fabio began his career in Arizona by selling bread in an Old Town Scottsdale market and got “lucky” when the stand he had was in a very visible spot that led to selling more than bread.

As Fabio continued with his story down memory lane, the next round of “luck” popped up–being able to operate out of a chocolate factory in Glendale, Arizona which was basically about to close. Fabio continued to sell authentic Italian food and the people wanted it, and it grew and grew until….

Dominic Armato, famed Arizona Republic food critic discovered Fabio and wrote a large 5 full page spread (no pun intended) about what he had just found.

And that led to Fabio getting more of the attention he deserved, thus leading to opening Fabio on Fire, his first Peoria AZ Italian restaurant, about 7 years ago.

And just this past summer, he opened Fabio on Fire, Pannini and Gelateria, a smaller sit-down market cafe.

Fabio also does catering. And I have heard first hand from friends that his pizza is out of this world good!

I’ve got to tell you–meeting Fabio, hearing his story reminded me very much of my father. I am not trying to compare stories or success by any means. But hearing his story, brought goosebumps to my arms, and as I wrote this article, tears to my eyes, remembering my father who passed away years ago, but he too, was passionate about his work and worked very hard to provide for his family; just like Fabio has and does.

When we see that passion in someone, or hear it, we feel it. And I felt it with Fabio. And I tasted it in his food. Which he was gracious enough to make a panini for me…and then sample his gelato which was just made.

Fabio is an outstanding chef, and an incredible person. He and his wife, who met on that amazing cruise where Fabio worked, have lived in Peoria, have adopted 2 amazing children, and continue to support the Peoria AZ community in which they live.

Support This Peoria Arizona Italian Restaurant

Whether you live in Peoria or not. Whether you have stopped by Fabio on Fire or Fabio on Fire Panini and Gelateria already, stop by again. Say hi. Mention you read this article. And support the man that has brought his age-old Italian roots of delicious food to Peoria, Arizona. Because you will amor” his food.

Thank you, Fabio. I hope your business continues to be on fire, and you grow and accomplish all your goals.

2 thoughts on “From Italy to Peoria: Fabio Brings Italy to Your Table”

  1. Fabio On Fire has been our absolute FAVORITE for 5 years now. We’ve tried everything on the menu & you just can’t go wrong. His Lasagna is just the best. His homemade breads, pizza, homemade pastas & sauces, not to mention his homemade Gelato is always fresh & delicious. .
    Hint: Make a reservation! His main restaurant is very popular❤️

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