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Discover the Charm of Norterra: Your Ultimate Guide to North Phoenix’s Premier Subdivision

Location. Location. Location. Real estate is all about location, and one of North Phoenix’s premier locations is Norterra. Let’s dive into what and where Norterra is and why it remains one of the most sought after areas in North Phoenix.

Where is Norterra?

Norterra is the name given to the area from Happy Valley Road on the south to Dixileta on the north. The east and west boundaries get a little hairy but basically just a bit west of Norterra Parkway to Copperhead Trail on the east (or the Sonoran Preserve)

What is Norterra?

Norterra is the name given to the general area. It is not a master planned community like Anthem, however it kind of feels like it is as it is sort of a self-contained area with housing, shopping, entertainment.

Where To Go In Norterra

What can you do in Norterra? One of the most common themes is visiting The Shops at Norterra.

Looking for a map that has everything The Shops at Norterra has?

I recently polled our Living North Phoenix Facebook Group about their favorite places to go in Norterra. And a few stuck out. The Stillery, was hands down the most mentioned and the most popular. I have never been so I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. But if you are looking to move to the area, or live there and don’t know what to do, and love food or music, it sounds like this is the place to be.

Living North Phoenix is about local. And it is great to see our friends at Osteria Mia make another list. This time, not just for best Italian food in North Phoenix, but for favorite restaurant in Norterra. Italian. Handmade. Ambiance. Great service. What more do you need?

Some other places got a few votes worth mentioning: Eggstacy, Angry Crab, Salt and Mellow Mushroom. I have been to each of them (in different areas) and I thought they were/are good but nothing I would go out of the way for.

Norterra Real Estate And Why Norterra?

A common question I get as a Realtor is why is Norterra so popular? And why do so many people want to live in Norterra? I think there are many answers but I wanted to focus on 2 of them.

The first is, at least years ago, the options were Desert Ridge or Anthem…or at least that’s what it felt like. Not everyone could afford Desert Ridge, or wanted it for whatever reason. And then Anthem was too far away. So Norterra was left as the option and really grew in popularity because the homes were/are newer, it has shopping, it is close to the 17 and has amazing hiking/biking nearby.

Plus, a big plus from my standpoint, the further north you go from Desert Ridge that much closer you are to Sedona/Prescott/Flagstaff. And with the newer 303 Loop, you even have a shorter drive West to Lake Pleasant or wherever else.

Let’s get back to Norterra real estate. As of January 2024 you can find condos and townhomes under around $450,000. Then, houses start appearing in the $460,000 range and go up to around the $1,000,000 range. In or around Norterra there are still new homes being built (at time of this blog being published (with some amazing incentives). Because land is always at a premium, many Norterra homes are 2-story but that doesn’t mean you won’t find single level homes. Many homes at this time for sale do not have poos but that does not mean Norterra homes don’t have pools either.

On many of the homes for sale now, real estate taxes are under $3000 for homes in the average price range. They will go up as you go above $600,000ish.

HOA fees-Yes there is an HOA in Norterra. Probably regardless of where you look. And they vary greatly. But $100/month is probably realistic (for single family homes) in many cases.

Union Park At Norterra

Everyone is looking for an “up-and-coming” area. Union Park is one of those. Check out their amenities.

So there you have it. A guide to Norterra covering where to eat, what to do, why its popular, and Norterra real estate. If you found value in this blog, or have something to add, comment below–I would love to hear from you.

Until then, enjoy Norterra!

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