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Exploring Anthem’s Beloved Pizza Spot in North Phoenix

“Where everybody knows your name.” It seems like, at least to me, that the sense of community has been lost over the years and that famous song from Cheers isn’t really captured much anymore.

Whether it’s from: social media, the hustle and bustle, restaurants/bars constantly changing or whatever–going somewhere and feeling like the staff knows you is becoming more and more difficult. Which is exactly why when I had a chance to sit down with the co-owner of Rosatis Pizza in Anthem and really see and hear how they have created a Cheers like atmosphere is why they are as popular as they are. So if you are looking for pizza in North Phoenix, keep reading.

If you aren’t familiar with Anthem, it is a master planned community on the “outskirts” of Phoenix, about 40 minutes from Downtown Phoenix. And one thing I learned about Anthem and Rosatis from meeting with Tyf, co-owner of Rosatis is that Community means everything.

Why Community Matters

During my sit down with Tyf, I took away many things. But one of those constant themes was how supportive the Community is of them, and how supportive she tries to be of the Community. Most business owners will almost always tell you that but I could really tell and hear from her voice that she meant it and her actions back up her words.

Tyf used to work at the Rosatis in different functions and then in July 2021 was given an opportunity to become first-time restaurant owners. And with a full time job as an air traffic controller and a dream of opening a karaoke bar, Jake, Tyf’s husband, wanted to take a chance and 2.5 years later, through a crazy pandemic time, the Community is very grateful they did.

Anthem is kind of tucked away from everything else so, word of mouth is huge. And when you create a community and atmosphere that also has good food, your patrons spread the word and everyone wins. Rosatis Anthem is a prime example of doing this.

What is Rosatis Pizza?

Rosatis is a family-owned pizza place that originated in Chicago and has rapidly grown over the years. There are close to 100 locations just in AZ! And there are different types of Rosatis; carry-out, dine-in, dine-in and bar. Rosatis Anthem has it all.

Tyf, who is from Pennsylvania was a little surprised by seeing square cut pizzas, but of course has since fell in love with what she was seeing.

Challenges In Anthem

Every business owner faces challenges. And some of the challenges Rosatis faces include not really knowing they are there. They are located in a “strip center” kind of tucked in the middle.

Through COVID, like many other businesses, how do they get people to come back? Tyf and Jake do their absolute best in trying to keep things exciting through Karaoke nights, poker, trivia or whatever they think will keep customers engaged.

Always Giving Back

Businesses involved in the food and beverage industry usually take 2-3 years before they start truly seeing profits. And despite all the challenges any business owner has, Anthem Rosatis continues to give back; whether it be with Anthem Pets, The Salvation Army, or other local charities.

Who is Anthem Rosatis?

When I asked Tyf about doing a video with her in it, she really expressed how the staff are the face of Rosatis, not her. That is the sign of a true humble owner who is truly not in it for the money. It is though, someone who cares about the people; both that work with her, and the ones that trust in them to deliver a delicious pizza pie or have amazing entertainment. And this is why they are one of the best places to get pizza in North Phoenix.

Tyf said this about Rosatis, “We want this to be a place where customers can shoot the shit. That it is a feel-good place.” Does this remind you of something or someplace else? That’s right. Cheers.

Paak your cah (park your car), open the doors, be greeted with a smile, grab a table, order a cold one, then have a pizza, all while feeling like you are part of something. Something far greater than just a pizza place where you have a meal. That is Anthem Rosatis.

What Next?

So, if you live in Anthem, if you are on your way to Flagstaff, just want a yummy pizza, give Anthem Rosatis a chance. If you are looking for Italian restaurants in North Phoenix we have you covered there too 🙂

Bottom line, support local and support our Community and let’s find more places that remember our name. And join our Facebook Group for all things North Phoenix

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