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Beyond Business Cards: Branding & Marketing In North Phoenix

If you see this logo, you probably know what it is, right?

If you see this logo, do you know who it belongs to?

In today’s business world, with the continuous evolution of social media one could argue branding is the most important thing. Of course, good customer service is extremely important too, but with people’s attention spans and scrolling through whatever device or medium there is, companies are constantly fighting to be recognized.

And that is exactly what Bryan Lifshitz of Alamari Media spoke about at a recent Living North Phoenix business networking meeting.

X Marks The Spot?

Arguably the most notable recent drastic brand change was Elon Musk’s complete rebranding of Twitter to X. With just over 500,000,000 active monthly users that’s kind of a big deal. If you had the Twitter app on your phone, I don’t know about you, but now seeing an X is just weird.

And maybe Twitter to X isn’t the every day example, but it does show the power of branding as the user count since the brand switch might have decreased.

Graphic Design….

When you think of a brand what do you think of? The colors? The words? The font? I think an argument could be made that all of those things then create an emotion. And that is your brand. Bryan has a very extensive background in graphic design which has helped set the foundation for helping those with their branding and marketing today. And he is there to help guide you in offering graphic design and brand ideas.

Can Mystakes Be Good For You?

Don’t you just love correcting people on social with a “that’s not a their, it’s ‘there'”? I sure do. It’s great for engagement. And just like with some marketing, it can be advantageous to intentionally spell something incorrectly to get the viewer to be more interested.

For years, I used to think everything had to be perfect, and if there is a typo that is a bad representation. Remember, when used correctly, it can be very beneficial. Try it. 🙂

Hot Local Trends…

One of Bryan’s and Alamari Media’s hottest items are elevated business cards. For those that use business cards, what better way to stand out than having something different; like an elevated card. They are sleek, modern and invoke a reaction. That is branding. That is marketing.

What Is Your Brand?

If you don’t have a brand, or have one that you need help refining, it is strongly recommended to reach out to Bryan with Alamari Media to help get clarity on what your brand could look like and how to funny develop it. So if you are ready to “Shoot the Shitz” give him a call at 602-492-8249.

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