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Best Upscale North Phoenix Restaurant

Do you remember the TV show “The Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous”? It always seems like no matter what the economy is like, or how people are doing, the desire to eat at a upscale restaurant is always high. Phoenix might not be a San Francisco or Manhattan but we have our share of upscale restaurants for sure.

Recently there was a question in our Facebook Community Group Living North Phoenix about what is everyone’s favorite upscale North Phoenix restaurant. I then tallied the results as bet as I could to create this post.

I feel ridiculous for giving disclaimers but please keep these things in mind: I am not endorsing or recommending any of these restaurants; they might not be in North Phoenix; I counted the results as best as I could so it’s not like this is some US Census data survey…so whether you like a nice glass of wine, a yummy steak, sweeping stunning views, or a special tableside made Cesar salad, here are the results of Living North Phoenix’s best upscale restaurant.

Hands Down Best Upscale North Phoenix Restaurant

And with the most votes, the award goes to…..Steak 44. I have been there once and I am grateful to say I have been to quite a few steakhouses/upscale restaurants and I was amazed at how good Steak 44 really is. The service is awesome, the menu offers a lot of selection, the food is outstanding and he ambiance is delightful. Is it pricey? Yes. But it deserves to be. I am guessing you won’t leave without spending $120 per person if you want to enjoy 1 cocktail/drink and a meal. But my mouth is just watering remembering how good it was when I went. Steak 44 easily gets my vote as one of the best for sure.

Local. Local. Local.

While many of the winners are non-chains, I love that one of the Valley’s true historical restaurants made the list. Which one? You guessed it. Different Point of View. Not only does the food represent the glorious Southwest, but the views are unmatched. It is located in/at The Pointe Tapatio, which by the way if you are a local and looking for a staycation, they are phenomenal; or if you are visiting from out of state and looking for a place to hang your hat for a few days, check out The Pointe. The resort is centrally located and you will not be disappointed.

Upscale Restaurant For The Stars?

What would a Phoenix upscale restaurant list be without Durants? North Phoenix or not, Durants is an absolute staple and must for Phoenix upscale restaurants. Join the likes of Joe Dimaggio, Clark Gable, John Wayne and many other celebrities who have enjoyed our top-notch upscale restaurant. Haven’t been before? Have been at least once? Get excited to go through the restaurant’s back door and through the kitchen. You will feel like you are in the 1930s. Such a must see.

Upscale Restaurant = Steak?

Dominicks came in next. I have never been there so I can’t offer any personal opinion. They are located in The Scottsdale Quarter alongside some other restaurants, and it seems like they always are busy and attracting a decent crowd. Their menu and pricing seem to be similar to Steak 44. One of these days I do plan to check them out to compare.

Honorable Mentions For Upscale Restaurants

Oceans 44, Oceans Prime, Mastros, Cafe Monarch, Binkleys, Orange Sky, Bourbon and Bones all got multiple votes too. I have been to Mastros and it was really good. I am kind of surprised it didn’t get more votes but maybe it’s not got the hype the other ones do. Cafe Monarch, I have been to, and if you want upscale–I am not sure much come close in the Valley. It though is super pricey as you can probably expect to be near $300 per person with a bottle of wine.

Binkley’s is a must see as it is local and everyone raves about it. I have never been to Binkleys but I did go to one of the sister restaurants Little Binks, or Binks when they were around. If they are anything like each other, Binkleys is a must.

Here’s the reality. We aren’t San Francisco but our upscale restaurant options are pretty dang good. You have a vast selection to choose from for: the setting, ambiance, service, type of food, views and so much more. This is just a sampling of the ones that are out there. Make sure to visit, or revisit whoever you can.

If you are visiting North Phoenix, moving to North Phoenix or live in North Phoenix and looking for an upscale restaurant I hope you found value in this post. If you have been to any of these, have an opinion, or have your own favorite, drop a comment below. I try to respond to all comments.

Until the next one, keep eating 😉

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  1. Great list! Thsmk you. I love Dominicks and I noticed the menu is identical to Steak 44 and the carry out bags have Dominick’s on one side and Steak 44 on the other. Same owners?

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