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Best Outdoor North Phoenix Restaurants

It’s November and not a scorching 120 degrees outside…which means Phoenicians can much more easily enjoy the outdoors; including eating at their favorite restaurant and on the patio. So, when food is involved and there is a question, where do I go? You guessed it. Our Facebook Group, Living North Phoenix.

Best Outdoor North Phoenix Restaurants

This blog’s topic will be about the best outdoor North Phoenix restaurants to enjoy a meal. I’m sure some will read this and say grabbing a beer at OHSO on the patio is awesome. And it is. This is a general list for food, not just drinks. As we get into the months of November-April and our City gets flooded with visitors who are here for multiple reasons including enjoying our weather, they too will likely be visiting a few outdoor establishments. These restaurants/bars did not pay me to be featured here. These are the top choices of our Group members who participated in the question.

First up is one I had never heard of before–The Mountain View Tavern. I am glad it was mentioned because it looks awesome. It’s Cave Creek so you know you are going to get awesome mountain views. But picture yourself eating a sandwich, or having your favorite cold beer. When I go up to check it out, I will be sure to try anything BBQ–yum yum. They are a pub/tavern so there is also sometimes live music (weekends) and they also do breakfast. Make sure to check out their menu and hours, and let me know after you take a looksie.

Next up is still in my definiton of North Phoenix, and one of the most unassuming coolest spots you can find. We have 32 Shea. I have dined on the patio and went through the drive through many a time. What used to be an old drive through photo booth was cleverly transformed into a spot with amazing food and a super cool vibe patio. If you are in the Sheaborhood area stop by and check it out. FYI, Thanksgiving or not, the Turkey Cranberry sandwich is get in my belly now good.

Ravens View, another Cave Creek winner. Notice a theme here? Cave Creek is amazing to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s for a hike, bike ride, walking, or a meal or drink. And Ravens View is one that you do not want to miss…and its patio is dog friendly. Everything on the menu looks delish, and I’m a sucker for pretzels so I think I have some ideas as to what I will be ordering when I make it up to Ravens View.

Asking a Facebook Group for the best outdoor North Phoenix restaurants can lead to a lot of options. I think I ended up getting around 25 answers with very few duplicates. We all know there are more than these 3 options. Enjoying a tasty cold one, a delish meal, or just hanging out with the pooch is what many of us live here for. So, as the weather cools down, check these places out, or go to your favorite one. But get out and support our business owners. They need it. They appreciate us. Even if the service might not be up to our standards, know that they are fighting to keep us coming back, and enjoying what they have created. The restaurant world is uber competitive.

I’d love to hear from you and what your favorite outdoor North Phoenix restaurant is. Talk soon!

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