Best North Phoenix Margarita?

Alcoholic drinks and Arizona, what comes to mind first? For me, it has always been the margarita! A warm desert day. Getting out of your pool and wanting a refreshing drink. We are in the Southwest. What other kind of drink would you want anyway? So, who has the best North Phoenix margarita?

I have learned over the years, if you ask a local online Group, you will tend to get a good sampling of answers, no matter the % of responses. So, recently someone in our Living North Phoenix Facebook Group asked who has the best North Phoenix margarita. The answers, and the clear winner were kind of surprising. Keep reading to find out who won what 🙂

Number 1. Number 1. Number 1!

The clear cut winner hands down by a landslide was El Encanto in Cave Creek. The responses that came in for it, the “likes” wasn’t even close to the 2nd winner. And from all the polls we’ve had that I have counted, this was by far the clear winner. Then it got me to thinking, how could we have such a clear winner and I have never heard of this place.

I went to the trusty Google, and realized it’s the cool place in Cave Creek with the pond in the back/side/front and I had been there. I am sure I ordered a margarita but I don’t remember how good it was, so I know where I am headed next time I am near Cave Creek and want a margarita. Upon looking at their website I also see New Times has ranked them as having the best margarita in the Valley-not just North Phoenix…so I am guessing we are onto something here.

And when your menu has a whole page about margaritas–I am guessing they are probably good 😉 But my question to you is: on the rocks, or frozen?

2nd Best North Phoenix Margarita

Yup, Valle Luna came in 2nd. And this time I can say I haven’t been to one before. At least that I can remember. I keep hearing good things about them so I think it is worth a look, right?

Plus, they have a whole day dedicated to margaritas. So they have to be good. I could be wrong but it appears they have 2 North Phoenix locations. One near Bell and 35th Ave and one near Cave Creek and Bell (ish). I know I will be swinging by, will you?

Wheres The 3rd Best North Phoenix Margarita

And last but not least, and only missing the 2nd spot by a thin margin is….. a newer restaurant in my favorite area 85254/85032 is The Mexicano. I could be wrong but I believe the owner, Chef Joey also owns/runs some other restaurants including a past favorite of mine, The Sicilian Butcher. I have yet to check out The Mexicano but there were quite a few votes and passionate responses about how good the margs are here.

So, I guess I will have to go here too…

Desert Ridge is one of North Phoenix’s most desirable areas. And while not listed here, is home to several restaurants that have great margaritas too. If you are looking for a home/condo in the area, check out all the available homes for sale in Desert Ridge here.

What goes best with margaritas? Tacos of course. Want to know who has the best tacos? Living North Phoenix is your place to go for everything North Phoenix related. Stay awhile and look around 🙂

Till the next time…


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