North Phoenix Mexican Restaurant

Best Mexican Food North Phoenix || Como La Flor

North Phoenix Mexican Restaurant
North Phoenix Mexican Restaurant

As part of our new Facebook Community series, where Group members provide their experience to North Phoenix restaurants, parks, and things to do in the North Phoenix area we have our first one!

This North Phoenix restaurant review/experience of Como La Flor is courtesy of Katie B who has been in our Community for awhile. Enjoy!

Mexican Food In North Phoenix

My husband saw a Tik Tok by the Owner stating that they were struggling a bit, so we decided to check them out.  In fact, tonight was the second time we have been there in the past week (and I ordered what my husband had last time!)  The owner’s devotion to her family is evident not only from the staff, but also the portraits of them on the walls.

North Phoenix Mexican Restaurant
North Phoenix Mexican Restaurant

My husband had the adobada torta, and I had the Toxica, also a torta.  His had the meat, beans and Guac on it, and both of ours were on soft rolls that are amazing!  The Toxica has beans, guacamole, ham, adobada,  and a hot dog/sausage sliced lengthwise on it.  Both tortas are huge, nearly too big to get your mouth around!  They gave us three sauces to try: red, Verde, and a creamy Verde that was out of this world.

And who knew that the best housemade chips we’ve had would come from a wonderful little family owned restaurant and in North Phoenix. 

Their location is a little tricky to find, on Bell Road between the Dollar (and a quarter! ) store, Domino’s pizza and a Subway.  Skip the pizza and subs, and treat your tummy right! You won’t be sorry.

Katie B

Makes you want to visit Como La Flor, doesn’t it? As a sidenote, our good friends at Kitsune Brewing are just around the corner (in the same Center). And if you rent a home or apartment in the area and thinking it’s time to buy a home to be close to these awesome places, I have created a really ease to use search tool to look for all the available homes in 85032 nearby. 🙂

Good Mexican food is hard to find, and it looks like we have a winner here. If you are ever in the mood for tacos, our Community also voted on best tacos in North Phoenix. Read the blog to find out where you should go. Remember, get out and support local. Enjoy!

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