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Best Indoor Activities For Kids In North Phoenix

Ready to take the fun indoors?

Ready for another Living North Phoenix guest blog? This one is from AC who is sharing her family’s experience at “The Little Play Avenue’ in North Phoenix. Enjoy!


I have been anticipating the opening of the new indoor play place The Little Play Avenue to take my toddler! We have been so excited to have a cute, clean, new spot to take him just down the street, especially in time for summer! It is located at 32nd St and Thunderbird in the newly constructed retail space “The Bird House.” 

From Blair 🙂 By the way, after finishing up with your indoor activities, you will probably have worked up an appetite so stop by one of my breakfast spots in North Phoenix, the Original Breakfast House.

Pay To Play

I heard about their opening on Instagram months before they opened. One thing to note, their website is a bit difficult to navigate. To find out the price for play you have to create an account and book your play time. I knew the price ahead of time because an influencer posted that it was $26.50 plus tax per child for 90 minutes of play and parents are included in the price.

Memberships are available monthly, but again, price is not posted online and I didn’t inquire about it there. Socks worn are required for all attending and adult supervision at all be times for your kids is required. They also have a large private party room area available for booking. Those prices are posted only after you hit book and pick a date and time. It would be so much more helpful if they could work out the kinks on their site to have prices and options posted before having to go thru their booking system.

Clean Place For Indoor Activities

Upon walking in, I immediately noticed how clean and organized it was. A staff member greeted us right away and helped me with the sign in process to create an account, as I had not done this before arriving.

Pro Tip-do this beforehand especially if you have multiple kids. They each need their own profile in their system. 

Indoor Activities Like A City!

The space itself is absolutely adorable. The main attraction here are these beautifully designed wooden play house “shops” for the children to be creative in and encourage imaginative play.

There is a Theater with dress-up clothes, a Firehouse with a slide, a Pizza/Ice cream Parlor, a Grocery Market, a Veterinary Clinic, and Post Office. Each shop is complete with all the accessories. It is very aesthetically pleasing and hardly a plastic toy in sight.

There is a corner where they will have revolving monthly themes. This time it is dinosaurs. There are big 360-swivel chairs and open tables to encourage open tabletop play. I would’ve loved to see a few more toys out on those so the few kids weren’t all trying to play with the same items.

There is a comfortable sitting area for parents, multiple bathrooms and a nursing room. 

What else is in Cities? Houses. If you are looking for a real house to enjoy indoor activities, and outdoors, use this link to search for homes in the same zip code as The Little Play Avenue. You will be glad you did.

Indoor Kids Activities Review

My 2 year old son had a wonderful time. He absolutely loved playing in all the little shops and getting to play pretend that he was a different job in each one.

As a parent who encourages hands on learning, this place was a breath of fresh air and set aside from the usual ball pits, mazes, and crawl spaces most indoor play places have.

Ages welcome are 0-7 years old. My opinion is it’s best for walking toddlers up to age 5 or in Kindergarten. I also have a 7 year old and although he loves imaginative play, he wouldn’t be entertained for 90 minutes–AC

There you have it. A place for littles to enjoy…all in North Phoenix. People who move to North Phoenix, or those that already live here, are always wondering what to do in the summer when it is super hot outside. The answer is go inside where there is air conditioning. So, stop by The Little Play Avenue. Your kids will love it.

Living North Phoenix – Blair

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