Best High School In Phoenix 2024?

When I talk to people with kids moving to the area, or ones that live here, one of the most common questions is “What are the best high schools in North Phoenix? I can’t answer that due to different laws…but I can share valuable data 🙂

U.S. News recently published an article with national and state rankings for the best high schools. Let’s dig a little deeper. Here is a direct link to that US News Article.

Best High School In The Country

Did you know the best high school in the Country is right here in North Phoenix? Yup, BASIS Peoria is #1. The rest of this blog though will be about public schools, not charter schools. If you are looking for homes near BASIS, search homes here.

Congratulations to Scottsdale Unified School District’s very own….Chaparral High School. If you haven’t toured their campus, do so. It is beautiful. They also have an amazing food/cooking program and tons of extra curriculars for the kiddos. Want to look for homes near Chaparral, search those homes right here.

Pinnacle High School is located in the Desert Ridge area and part of the Paradise Valley School District. As Desert Ridge started to grow in the early 2000s so did the school and it is now one of our top performers. Desert Ridge is an extremely desirable area, so if you want to see what real estate is available in the area, I got you covered.

Bonus! Here is another blog I wrote about a home I toured in Desert Ridge.

Cactus Shadows is in the Cave Creek Unified District, located further north in Cave Creek. It has close to 1800 total students. If you plan to be a part of Cactus Shadows, here is where you can search for homes in Cave Creek

That kind of sums it up. Arizona/Phoenix/North Phoenix has some good high schools. Whether, you are looking for private, charter or public–there are options. And remember, many, if not all of our areas are open enrollment. So, if you like an area, but don’t love the high school, you might be able to enroll at a nearby high school. But do your research, and consult with a local Realtor (me) to help guide your search for the best home and best school in North Phoenix.

Happy schooling!

Living North Phoenix – Blair

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