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Best Chinese Restaurant In North Phoenix

There’s just something about Chinese food. Comfort food? Fortune cookies? That delicious sweet and sour sauce? The egg rolls? mmmmm-yummmyyy! Whatever the reason is, having a good Chinese restaurant on your list is a must. And living in North Phoenix, and maybe not in a City known for its Chinese food, makes it even tougher to not only find a Chinese restaurant but a good one.

So I polled our Living North Phoenix Group to find out where is the best Chinese restaurant in North Phoenix and here are the results!

The Best Chinese Restaurant In North Phoenix…

George and Sons easily won our poll. I have never been there so anything I say is just from doing some online research. It appears they have 2 Valley locations, with the North Phoenix one being near the I-17 and 101. The other is in Scottsdale. They have your standard options and my favorite: sweet and sour chicken. All menus can look the same but how the Chef prepares it, the flavors, how it’s served and the ambiance always make or break many people’s opinions of a restaurant…at least they do for me. I can’t wait to check it out and see why it came in #1

The Year Of The Dragon?

Dragon Palace narrowly came in 2nd place. I am sure I have driven by it numerous times as it is in my hood and even though it wasn’t the most popular there was a lot of love shown for The Palace. Located off 32nd St and Thunderbird I think this is a must have and I can’t wait to try it out.

Where Else In North Phoenix?

Early in the post, I was surprised to not see more votes for one of my favorite Chinese places but as the day went by votes rolled in and the 3rd place winner goes to……Nee House. This is super close to me off of Tatum and Thunderbird. They have good lunch specials. They are open on Christmas Eve, and I personally think have the best or 2nd best Chinese food in town. So I am glad they made the list.

Honorable Mentions…

If not Nee House, I had thought Jade Palace had the best Chinese food in town. Their egg rolls are massive and their food tastes similar to New York Chinese food, which is really good. So, other restaurants making the cut were: Dao Kitchen, Flamingo Palace, and Abacus. I haven’t been to any of them so I do not have personal feedback but even writing about them on this cold brisk day is making me want to enjoy a cup of egg drop soup.

We try to do posts and blogs about best of every week, so did you see our recent one about the best tacos in North Phoenix? Chinese food and tacos, what more do you need?

Have you tried any of these North Phoenix Chinese restaurants? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below.

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