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Best Breakfast In North Phoenix

“That’s too much bacon” said no one ever (I guess other than vegans or vegetarians). You wake up and are ready to start the day, and what comes to mind? A plate full of pancakes oozing with maple syrup and sizzling bacon, right?

And one of many things North Phoenix is great at having is breakfast spots. When I want to know where the best of something is I usually ask my Facebook Group Living North Phoenix. Join there if you haven’t already.

As with other best of posts: these are the results of the Group poll, some places might not be in North Phoenix and I may not have personally been to the restaurant mentioned. These are just simply the poll results of your Community. SO, let’s find out the winners…and have some delicious breakfast!

Best Breakfast In North Phoenix Is….

Sunshine Breakfast was the clear winner for this best North Phoenix breakfast poll. This is one of the places I have not been to and after hearing all the rave reviews I definitely want to check them out. They are located near the 101 and Cave Creek which is fairly easy to get to and the menu looks pretty dang good! Healthy options, pancakes, the basics–they got them all. I can’t wait to give them a visit.

Sunshine Breakfast Bar

2nd Best North Phoenix Breakfast….

OBH or Original Breakfast House came in 2nd and is well deserved…and one of my favorites for breakfast in North Phoenix. So much so that I interviewed the owner a few years ago. Watch my sit-down with John Stidham of OBH and get ready to hop in your car and enjoy a super yummy breakfast. OBH is located off of 32nd St and Thunderbird and also has some fun blocks out front to play with. You’ll see when you get there 😉 If you don’t live in Phoenix and are moving to the North Phoenix area, swing by.

The Next Best North Phoenix Breakfast Goes To…

Eggstasy came in next place and also has several Valley locations. The one kind of in the heart of North Phoenix is at The Shops at Norterra. Their menu is full of options and I don’t think they have left anything out! The omelets are delish…and they have drinks too…including Mimosas 😉

Don’t Forget The North Phoenix Dives…

No offense but there are some restaurants that I’d refer to as “dives” but their food is the furthest thing from divey food. 40th St Cafe came in next and is definitely a fan favorite. I personally have not been to 40th St Cafe but some family members have and said it was very good. I get the sense that it is like a New York Diner and those are amazing…so check it out.

Is That Really A Place In North Phoenix?

The Place and Butterfields‘ tied for the next spot. I had never heard of The Place and thought it was a joke at first until I saw the votes. Butterfields and Butters are exceptional and you will not leave hungry. Their serving sizes are huge and food is very good. Pro Tip-for Butters and Butterfields…get there early otherwise you might be waiting, regardless of time of year.

More North Phoenix Breakfast

Aimees Swine House came in next. I have never been but it looks very good. They are located off 16th St and Bell and definitely got some love from the Community.

Last But Not Least….

Heart and Soul is our last mention but not last by any means. And if you live in Cave Creek and don’t want to travel far to another awesome suggestion, Heart and Soul is probably your best bet so it remains a local favorite for sure.

And now…it’s lunchtime! And what better for lunch than some tacos! I really enjoyed this poll and the results. So many great suggestions and love for the Community, which is what we are all about. Thanks for reading this far and hope you get to try out all of these awesome North Phoenix places!

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