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Baking Dreams in North Phoenix: Custom Cookies as Thoughtful Gifts

Doesn’t everyone love cookies? I mean, really, have you ever seen or heard of a normal person turning down a delicious and scrumptious chocolate chip cookie? I sure haven’t. When was the last time you received a cookie with your face on it, or your North Phoenix business logo on it?

At our Living North Phoenix Business networking meeting Evette Eubanks of LuxSugary was our featured speaker and wow! She gave an over-the-top data filled presentation and concluded it with wowing all members with their own customized cookies. Not only do they look amazing, they taste pretty darn good too.

From North Phoenix Nurse To Baker

For years, Evette was in the nursing industry and when things changed to where she wasn’t able to be a nurse on a daily basis she still found herself at home, baking cupcakes or cookies and bringing them to her nursing friends. And as they say, “things happen for a reason.” That led Evette to then becoming North Phoenix’s premier custom luxury baker.

Impact on Business With Gift Giving

Evette shared multiple statistics with the Group about the impact of thoughtful gift giving. The first–63% of customer relationships were improved with thoughtful gift giving.

In the workforce, gift giving improves productivity. Do you as an employer in North Phoenix give gifts to your employees?

70% of employees work harder when thoughtful gifts are given. And remember, as an employer–if you are just giving a gift to get something in return, the expectation most of the time will flounder. Give because you want to give, not receive in return.

27% of the time gift giving allowed for new business referrals. In summary, thoughtful intentional gift giving is just a good thing to do.

North Phoenix Realtor

That’s me Blair Ballin, your North Phoenix Realtor with Hunt Real Estate ERA about to eat the cookie Evette made for me with my logo on it. I gotta tell you–the cookie looks amazing, the logo came out outstanding and the presentation was impeccable. If you own a business and want to brand something like a cookie with your logo, this might be one of the best gifts out there period. But remember, gift giving doesn’t always have to be about business. Read on…

Are Gifts Just For North Phoenix Businesses?

NO! This cookie has a picture of my family from our recent trip to Best Friends Sanctuary. And Evette, with amazing clarity got this picture onto a cookie! So gift giving of cookies isn’t just about businesses. Did your friend just have a baby? Get married? Have an anniversary? Did their kid just graduate? Send a cookie with their picture! I am confident they would never have seen anything like it. And enjoy the cookie. They taste so good.

We all love to receive. Many of us love to give. And give to give. And many of us love cookies. So when you have the opportunity to combine giving with a cookie-it’s a win-win. Evette accomplishes that for you.

If you are looking to give a gift to a friend, business owner, or whoever, reach out to Evette. She is North Phoenix’s premier luxury customized cookie maker and gift-giver. You will be glad you did.

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